Christian Artmann, a New York-based flute player and composer, is passionate about bridging musical boundaries and showcasing the flute in contemporary music. His musical associations include pianists/composers Laszlo Gardony, Yago Vazquez, Gregg Kallor, Rubens Salles and Philippine Duchateau, bassists Johannes Weidenmueller and Chris van Voorst van Beest, drummer Jeff Hirshfield, percussionists Laura Inserra and Luiz Claudio, mezzo soprano Elena McEntire, the Princeton Pro Musica and the Aspen Festival Orchestra. He has performed at the Konzerthaus in Vienna, the Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival near Paris, the Smetana Hall in Prague as well as clubs in New York, Boston, Paris and Vienna.

Raised on a heavy dose of Bach in Germany and Austria, Christian had his first solo recital at age nine and, as a teenager, was invited to the Aspen Music Festival. At Aspen, he performed under world-renowned conductor Claudio Scimone and gave solo recitals of Debussy, Hindemith and Bartók. Increasingly fascinated with composition and improvisation, he committed to developing his own musical voice. Following studies at Berklee College of Music, Christian recorded his first album, Living Room, an intimate encounter of jazz duos with Vienna jazz pianist Philippine Duchateau. After moving to New York, Christian released his first record as a leader, Uneasy Dreams, to critical acclaim in 2011.

His latest recording, Fields of Pannonia (Sunnyside Records, 2015), explores influences from Bach over 20th century classical music to Wayne Shorter. Featuring long-time collaborators Gregg Kallor on piano, Johannes Weidenmueller on bass and Jeff Hirshfield on drums, Fields of Pannonia is firmly rooted in the jazz tradition but has a decidedly European, or even global, “accent”. According to All About Jazz, Fields of Pannonia is “rooted in the notion that art can and will stretch as far as the imagination will take it”. The National Flute Association Quarterly calls Fields of Pannonia a “mythical journey in sound”.

Christian studied at Harvard Law School and Berklee College of Music. He is a Miyazawa Artist and a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). He plays Miyazawa and Kotato flutes and uses Applied Microphone Technology mics.

Contact Christian at artmannjazz@gmail.com.

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